"I have been involved with Harvest Ministries right from its humble beginnings in 1995. It is my sincere belief that every single visit of mine to the mission field has been dramatically disproportionate – the blessings I have received have far outweighed whatever I have contributed. There is something so magnetic and appealing about these simple folk of the Telengana region - so hungry for the 'truth that shall set you free'. The love and affection displayed, and witnessing the phenomenal growth of the ministry, have been self-rewarding experiences. It's been one of the rarest privileges of my life to associate with the life-transforming Harvest Ministries."

 – Pramod Chandrashekar, HR - Learning & Development/Wells Fargo India Solutions (WFIS)


"My introduction to Harvest Ministries was through a Church Mission Trip for Medical Training. I thought we were going to help the Pastors and people of this poor region of India. I soon learned in amazing ways how these 25 Pastors, empowered by the Holy Spirit, are transforming the communities and people throughout the Telangana region. I am reminded of the church described in Acts where the Pastors tended their flock in small villages, working with communities and people to make the church the central focus. While there, I met many believers in Christ who have very little earthly treasures, but are rich in God's grace. They seem to have extraordinary joy and peace through their faith in Jesus Christ. These humble Pastors perform God's work in miraculous ways as they serve the people of Telangana. Each pastor has suffered immense persecution, beatings, ridicule and even death as they proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ. The churches in this region led by Harvest Ministries depend only on God to provide their needs and direction. God has blessed this ministry in abundant ways, and I have been fully blessed by my association with Caleb, the Pastors, and the church body in the Telangana region of India. Blessed is the man whose strength is in You, Whose heart is set on pilgrimage. (Psalms 84:5)"

 – Chris LeBoeuf, Louisville, KY


"Caleb Rayapati and his team at Harvest Ministries are dedicated to taking the Gospel in a wholistic manner, to the interior areas of Telangana. I have had the privilege of visiting some of these areas, and was greatly inspired and humbled by the compassion of the dedicated team-members of Harvest Ministries, and to witness the heartfelt gratitude of the people living there. I heard first person accounts of miraculous healings and stories of radical transformation from darkness to light. When I think of the workers of Harvest Ministries, I am reminded of these words from Isaiah 52:7, "How lovely on the mountains are the feet of him who brings good news, who announces peace and brings good news of happiness, who announces salvation, and says to Zion, 'Your God reigns!'"

 – Joseph Vijayam, Managing Director of Olive Technology Ltd, Hyd, India


"In the six years that I have known Caleb Rayapati and the Harvest Ministries team, I continue to be amazed as the hand of God works in and through this humble ministry. India is a dark land where the light of the Gospel of Christ is desperately needed in the face of caste prejudice, superstition, false gods, oppression and unimaginable evils. Human life holds little value and a concern for their fellow man is a foreign concept. Into this backdrop enters Harvest Ministries who is taking the Gospel to the rural villages of the Telengana district of Andhra Pradesh in many cases for the first time ever. The message of Hope burns brightly for a people who are mostly dalits and considered sub-human. I have had the privilege to look into the faces of dozens of these hopeful who have been reached by the gospel and found life in Christ. Harvest has entered their villages and dug wells to provide fresh water, they have held dental clinics providing free relief to people whom otherwise must suffer, unable to pay for the treatment they need. Medical clinics provide for untreated health needs and permanent HIV/AIDS clinics minister regular monthly treatment to dozens of sufferers. This holistic approach to ministry brings practical love to a hurting people along with the truth of God’s love and the message of eternal life. The 125 churches throughout the region offer worship opportunities for believers as the 25 pastors minister through the ministry of the Word of God. Additionally there is a wonderful school providing a Christian, English speaking education to what will be 300 residential kids ( all from Christian churches) along with dozens of local ‘day students’ who are largely Hindu but whom are being exposed to the gospel through their fellow students.

I have been privileged in so many ways to participate actively with this ministry. Please allow me to encourage you to consider serving Christ alongside Harvest Ministries with your gifts and support. What can you do? You can provide for a well ($750), support a local pastor ($150 a month), sponsor a child in the school ($50 a month), build a church building ($10K) (less than 20 of the 125 churches have their own building) or simply give. I assure you every dime will be well spent. There has been nothing in my life that has been more rewarding than serving alongside Caleb and Harvest Ministries. May God be glorified as His people rise to the challenge to meet the needs of a desperate and dying world by bringing the message of Jesus."

 – John Gross,


"Southeast Christian Church and Harvest Ministries have enjoyed a very fruitful partnership, through God's grace, as we have worked arm-in-arm, to take the love of Christ to the world."

 – Dr Charlie Vittitow, Director of Missions, SECC, Louisville, KY.


StoneBridge's partnership with Harvest Ministries has been one of the greatest blessings to our church. It has given our congregation a larger picture of the Lord's work around the world, a greater sense of purpose and vision for our community and as individuals, and a set of relationships that truly have changed our lives. Many times churches in America think they are the ones blessing others by giving their time and resources away to partners like Harvest. We have found the opposite to be true in that we have received far more than we could ever give. The Lord is doing wonderful things in and through the work of Harvest Ministries. – Rick Harper Pastor, StoneBridge Church


"I have known and walked with Caleb since 1995. My impression of this brother is that he is passionately committed to the proclamation and demonstration of God's purposes for the reconciliation of "all things" (Col 1:20). He and his family model this in their personal lives and have set up numerous projects evangelistically, educationally, and medically; and Caleb has been a catalyst in seeing that God's glory is demonstrated throughout his region of Andhra Pradesh through HARVEST MINISTRIES. It is an honor to be counted as his friend and brother in Christ."

 – Bob Moffitt, President of the Harvest Foundation, Phoenix, AZ