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End of the Academic Year

Apr 23rd, 2012

Time seems to fly so very fast. There doesn’t seem to be enough time to catch up with time! It hasn’t still sunk in that we have completed our second academic year. Some of the boys and girls are already looking big – they grow up really fast. We are seriously planning to get a new pair of dress for the sixth graders who will be upgraded to seventh grade.

On 23rd April (the last working day of the school), most of the children have gone home - except for a few who had no home to go. But we have made provisions for their care – a home away from home! Out of those who stayed back, Mounica’s story is a compelling one which I cannot help but tell. Mounica had attained puberty recently and since she has a mother we promptly informed her about it. But unfortunately, her mother had no interest in the girl and didn’t come to see her. We made inquiries about the girl’s family and found out through our pastor Purnachander that Mounica had lost her father to HIV and the mother has no means to take care of Mounica. To add to it the mother considers Mounica a burden. Of course, the little one is no burden to the family at the Stonebridge! She was well taken care and all formalities that are associated with puberty were complied with.
When the holidays were announced, Mounica said she had no desire to go home. She shared that she would be subjected to hard manual work. Mounica along with some other children are being taken care off by Stonebridge home!