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Apr 25th, 2012

Rotary Club of Hyderabad which was interested in providing us with playground have not been able to come up with the project and so the playing areas are being further delayed. Therefore I have decided to pool in money to get the play area done. God wonderfully made provision in form of a person who volunteered to provide mud free of cost so that the area could be made level. All we had to do is transport the mud from his farm to the campus! The work commenced as soon as the school closed. We had thought 200 loads ($ 3 a trip) would be adequate but 200 loads did not even fill half of the projected play area. So 200 more loads are being poured in and hopefully when the children arrive we will have a cricket pitch and a basketball court etc.

Besides the play ground, I want to develop a landscape around the campus to make it look like a piece of heaven! Some other building maintenance works are also being done in good speed during the summer vacation. As you are aware, the school campus will continue to be a hub of activity what with the VBS teachers’ training and the youth camp scheduled in the months of May and June.

Yesterday I got the news from our principal designate, who is camping in the school and over seeing these works, that he found a red sandboa snake and the same has been carefully picked up and let go in the nearby hillock. The selection of the next lot of 30 new students for Grade 1 will be done this week.