Harvest Ministries began in early 1995 as a one-man team in obedience to a call planted in the heart of Bro. Caleb Rayapati. He single-handedly traveled the barren Telengana districts, met people, forged life-long relationships and planted the seed of God's love in their hearts. In the initial years, it was a ministry of sheer faith and passion with no staff or resources.

Gradually a few like-minded staff joined and the first church was planted in Jillela in 1995. The village of Jillela did not have a single Christian, but God's power was manifested through the healing of several sick people. On one unforgettable day, a woman who had been pronounced dead responded to prayer and stirred awake! This was the turning point that led to an unstoppable movement. Today, the church in Jillela is thriving and the center for many evangelical activities.

After a providential meeting with Bob Moffet in 1997, this developing ministry aligned with the Harvest Foundation brining wholistic teaching and more work quickly developed.

Every year new churches and staff are added. The tale of the beginning of Harvest Ministries is full of amazing miracles and heroic tales of faith and passion. Today Harvest Ministries has 120 churches in nine districts of Telangana. Twenty-five people make up our staff.